EPIC 5.0 has finally been debuted at London’s Steelyard by Eric Prydz, Pryda, Cirez D, Tonja Holma, or whatever alias you know him by. Despite being the fifth edition of the live show, the title lives up to its name in a mind-blowing capacity.

Lucky for us, some eager fans captured the concert on video.

Sometimes, when artists attempt to upgrade their tour, they end up doing just the opposite. In Eric Prydz’ situation, this is not the case. For the fifth time in a row, Eric Prydz has outdone himself in pioneering the future of live electronic performance. The light show in EPIC 5.0 consists of the world’s biggest holograms, in the most stunning ways possible.

The videos available include an unprecedentedly large laser display, holograms of astronauts, galaxies, and more. Truly, EPIC 5.0 can take you to another universe.

Watch the video below.