Following an impressive run of major label remixes for artists such as Kiiara (Atlantic) and Borns (Interscope), AWAY returns with his first original release, “Sleepwalker” feat. London Thor, available now on Lowly Palace.

AWAY leads the pack when it comes to the next generation of music producers, and has already gained support from industry heavyweights such as Zane Lowe and Billboard. AWAY is an artist with a talent for detail, and “Sleepwalker” is a shining example of his knack for musical technicality and emotional evocation.

London Thor’s angelic voice shines through in this track, fully embracing the sorrow of the lyrics. “I’m not afraid to close my eyes when you hold me. Sleepwalker, leave a light on for me. You will always be my lullaby.” Thor’s vocals are utterly heart wrenching and transcendent. A deep whirling rhythm plays underneath the painfully honest lyrics, drowning you in a whirlpool of emotion. At the drop, the industrial elements kick into full swing, allowing you to lose yourself in the sound and the bliss. 10/10, would roll down my windows and have a good cry to this one. 

“Sleepwalker is a song about the different emotions you experience when someone leaves your life unexpectedly. Confusion, sadness, apathy, and anger,” AWAY said in reference to his new release. AWAY views his music as a universal expression and acceptance of vulnerability, as well as his own personal truths. With such a strong release as “Sleepwalker,” AWAY is well on his way to becoming a household name.

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