Since exploding onto the scene last year, 19-year-old producer ye. has quickly gained a lot of success. Having already hit No. 1 on Hype Machine four separate times, the Syracuse, New York native is just getting started. 

Some of ye.’s biggest hits include an addictive Halsey flip and a collaboration with Pluto, “Breath,” which has amassed over a million streams to date. Not convinced yet? He has also caught the eye of major record labels, including Atlantic, 300 Entertainment, Capitol Records, PRMD Music, and Def Jam. His sound ranges between future bass and trap anthems, but he always sticks to his true identity.

Check out our exclusive interview with ye. and take a listen to his guest mix, featuring some unreleased music, below.

What would you say influences your style?

This is always a tough question for me but thinking back I’d say my biggest musical influences have been that Odesza future bass wave and cheesy edm trap. When I first started making music that’s what I always tried to make and it’s always kinda left an imprint on me even though that’s not really what I produce anymore.

Was there an artist who inspired you to pursue a career in production?

The artist that got me into music production even before I started ye. was definitely this kid named lidsky who I went to high school with. I remember when I was learning he was like this god of production to me who I strived to produce nearly as well as he could. He opened my eyes to so many electronic music genres I didn’t know about and taught me so much about Ableton and everything electronic music related.

Have you always been interested in music? Do you play instruments?

I’ve always been really interested – used to be really into pop punk stuff through my first couple years of high school/end of middle school which got me into playing bass, then later guitar. I also played trumpet for an incredibly long time in a jazz band which then got me into upright bass. I used to try and play a lot of instruments but I wasn’t really great so unfortunately I recently stopped playing as much.

What are your hobbies when you are not immersing yourself in music?

If I’m not doing school or music then I’m definitely just playing video games. I don’t really do much except school, music, and games.

You have been receiving a ton of support on SoundCloud, Spotify, and other social media outlets. Do you think social media has played a large roll in your success?

I know that SoundCloud has had a huge role in my musical success. However, I think I’m pretty bad with traditional social media, just because I forget to answer people and rarely post, but fortunately, I get a lot of promotional help and support from lots of people.

What was your first show, ever? How did you feel then, as opposed to your latest show?

My first real show was opening for Vanic at the music hall of Williamsburg. It was actually a crazy time because my bus to the city broke down and then my Uber was rear ended, making me show up late. Surprisingly, it actually helped me be more relaxed for the show since I was just focused on getting there. But I was still mad nervous. At my latest shows I’ve been having way more fun since I’ve had some time to start to learn how to play music to an audience.

You have caught some serious attention from quite a few music labels, such as Atlantic, 300 Entertainment, Capitol Records, PRMD Music and Def Jam. What can we expect from you in the next year or so?

Yea, I’ve been incredibly fortunate with the connections that have come up this last year and honestly I’m not sure what to expect! I hope big things! You can definitely expect some new music though and maybe even some remixes.

You announced today that you are releasing new music soon as well. Can you tell us (and fans) when? Can you tell us a little more about the releases?

Oh yea I have a lot of tracks that have been in the works for a long time that I’m really excited to drop. The next few are collaborations with some of my favorite producers out there right now – opvs, Andrew and far&few. Not sure when these collabs will come out but hopefully this month! Also sitting on a lot of trap style heaters with squired that we can’t wait to show everyone (this summer hopefully?)

What are you most excited about this year?

Honestly so much. The last few months have been so hectic with school that I haven’t had time to really dedicate myself to making music so I’m just really excited to grind away and try to make music everyone will dig. Also might get my first chance to play a festival this year so that’s really hype!

And that he did. You can catch ye. at UpNorth Music & Arts Festival this August in Copemish, Michigan. Check out his exclusive guest mix for Noiseporn below and head to SoundCloud to grab it for free download.

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Intro Written by Jeanette Kats