Every time Dirty Audio releases a new song, it should be marked as an EDM holiday. His most original release is titled “Alien Cookies” and is now available on Monstercat. The audio guru has been on a storm trail of making music, especially remixes. He’s remixed the likes of Afrojack, DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, and The Chainsmokers and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Dirty Audio encapsulates the listener and positions them in their own video game. “You are the hero of your own video game, brazenly slaying demons as you battle your way to the top, one struggle at a time,” states Dirty Audio. “Alien Cookies” starts of with a distant pumping synth that mutates into hefty percussion. Sliding synths, wobbling basses, and sound design completely eradicate any suspicion that this isn’t Dirty Audio. The heavy trap influence really dominates at the end, which allows for an impressive outro for the tune. The dynamism that’s mixed into this recipe of “Alien Cookies” is remarkable. Dirty Audio’s sound is always unique in flavor and pulls inspiration from rock, hip-hop, dubstep, and trap.

Dirty Audio just polished up a tour in Australia and New Zealand. He’s excited to continue his adventures by releasing new music, so be sure to follow him. Be sure to listen to “Alien Cookies” on SoundCloud and follow him on social media.

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