Gramatik pairs up with Eric Krasno to produce electro soul, pop, and experimental masterpiece “Recovery.” The song comes shortly after Gramatik suspends his tour, due to a leg injury from his immense touring schedule. The leg injury hasn’t slowed him down yet, and he intends to continue jamming right through 2017. “Recovery” is now available on Gramatik’s label, Lowtemp.

“Recovery” opens with a beautiful 1950s instrumentation and heads directly into the first verse. I hear a lot of Steve Miller Band inspiration and influence in Krasno’s vocals. Trap samples with electro-pop synths and ginormous electronic percussion are what allow Gramatik to be, well, Gramatik. I saw him back in 2012 when he opened for Bassnectar, and his sonic uniqueness is still present in his productions today. Eric Krasno is the mastermind behind the lyrics that don’t “beat around the bush” and impeccable guitar playing.

‘Recovery’ is a track I initially wrote as part of a concept album I’ve been working on (coming early 2018). Gramatik heard it and instantly wanted to work on it. He flipped it on its head in the best way possible. I love working with him; his tracks always feel and sound amazing. We also have a few more tracks in the works. – Eric Krasno

Be sure to give Gramatik and Eric Krasno’s “Recovery” a listen on Lowtemp via the SoundCloud link below.

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