Nick and Amy Noonan (Karmin) are proud to introduce QVEEN HERBY, a solo R&B project with hip-hop attitude.

QVEEN HERBY will hook you on her designer rap habit and bad bitch R&B vibes with her unparalleled talents, bouncing between catchy vocals and rapping over 11 syllables per second. Her self-penned debut EP, 1, is out now on Checkbook Records, and it features five tracks, including “Gucci,” “Busta Rhymes,” “Zombie,” “Wild” and “Til We Get By.” All tracks are produced by Nick Noonan (Karmin) and Unkle Steve (Nikki Minaj, T.I., Kodak Black).

The QVEEN tantalizes with the debut video for “Busta Rhymes,” one of five features from the EP. Directed by Benjamin Farren with creative direction from Audrey Napoleon, it’s all eyes on QVEEN HERBY as she pays homage to iconic rapper Busta Rhymes with lyrical speed and grace.

Check out QVEEN HERBY’s full EP 1 here.

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