The French say “Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme (The eyes are the mirror of the soul).” An inconspicuous body clothed in a black collared trench coat, fingerless gloves and skintight mask emits piercing white lights through two eye openings. No mouth, no words, no identifiable identity. Maybe colored spotlights here and there but nothing to phone home about. In all it’s superficial simplicity, Danger’s witch house shows evoke an uneasy gut reaction tantamount to one’s favorite slasher movie.

Franck Rivoire’s (Danger) cinematic and suspenseful sound activates the fight-or-flight response. Rivoire’s 太鼓 LP gets the heart thumping and blood pumping. Danger released the 太鼓 LP, after his opener stint during Porter Robinson and Madeon’s North American Shelter Live Tour. The Japanese to English definition of 太鼓 is “percussion.” Rivoire’s 1789 Records published the self-composed, 15-track record. Each piece’s title reflects the precise hour and minute of it’s completion; the eighth track reads “6:42.” Rivoire’s first EP 09/14 2007 and anonymous live performances earned him a cult following. Before 太鼓, Rivoire produced five tracks featured on the “Furi” video game soundtrack including the June 2016 single “6:24.”

“As a French teenager I embraced both Asian culture and comic-book culture,” said Danger. “太鼓 is loaded with childhood feelings and many emotions that were almost absent from my past releases. The recent violent events in France have also brought me to contemplate my relationship and connection with innocence, even if I always try to be on the very darkest edge of it. The juxtaposition between ultraviolence & innocence – that’s what I was exploring with this album. It’s the same narrative you get when you’re watching anime after all. And my goal has been to design a musical feeling that’s equivalent of that when you’re watching anime.”

Catch him Saturday, July 8 at New York’s Webster Hall.

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