My first interaction with singer/songwriter/producer GRABBITZ was at an iconic venue in our mutual hometown of Buffalo, New York. Nick Chiari set up a makeshift merch stand and had attendees of the show flocking to him to try and snag a GRABBITZ t-shirt; why wouldn’t you want to advertise your hometown hero everywhere you go?

Ever since that day, I’ve kept my eyes on the workings of GRABBITZ. From making hip-hop beats many years ago, to the inevitable transition to trap bangers, to working his way towards a major Monstercat release (several, actually) and a collaboration with deadmau5, it’s been a long, but rewarding journey, for Chiari.

The next time we came across each other was in New York City in light of a Billboard Live appearance (watch here), after Chiari had made his move to Los Angeles–a paramount event that marks a turning point in any artist’s career. Now, months later, the bicoastal artist has another notable body of work under his name.

Things Change, the brand new full-length LP from GRABBITZ, marks his transition from a producer/DJ to an all-around artist and pioneer of new-age electronic rock. The impeccable body of work comes at a perfect time; fans are straying away from the typical DJ persona and leaning towards live acts. Things Change offers glitchy rock influences, Chiari’s own vocals, and cinematic soundscapes. It’s clear that his influences were bountiful, but it’s no secret that this is the most authentic and heartfelt GRABBITZ album of all time. The LP, made in honor of personal life changes, is something that is near and dear to Chiari’s heart. You can feel the emotion simply radiating off of Chiari’s productions like UV rays beaming from the sun.

Things change. You have to just keep moving forward and living life. – Grabbitz 

We sat down with Nick Chiari of GRABBITZ to discuss the brand new album, a cross-country move, an undying infatuation with Eminem, and much more. Check out our exclusive interview below and make sure to set some time aside in order to fully absorb everything that is Things Change, out now via his own West Blood Records.

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