Sidechained, atmospheric pads and synths radiate during the introduction of “Catherine.” Spooky, odd, and catchy are most definitely something Varien and k?d are not strangers to. The contrast between the beginning of “Catherine” and the chorus is mind-boggling. The house-sounding production during the chorus is impressive, but the staticy and powerful bass heard is even more astounding. How the two established producers managed to bridge such a gap is hardly fathomable. Varien’s production abilities range from electronic to orchestral. His electronic side most definitely is shown in “Catherine,” and it’s absolutely welcomed. I’m dumbfounded at the k?d and Varien “Catherine” collaboration. Truly remarkable what the two producers did to produce the track!

K?d, the mysterious moniker, continues to unleash a slew of hard-hitting electronic music. As an avid music listener and musician myself, I’ve always admired those that don’t reveal themselves as artists. We almost always fall in love with one thing and one thing only about the artist(s): the music. It’s nice to keep their personal lives completely separate from the music, free from judgement. Other artists that have their personal lives shrouded in mystery are DJs like Marshmello, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Malaa, Cazzette, and DJ BL3ND.

Be sure to give “Catherine” a listen via the SoundCloud link below.

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