Every now and then an artist releases an accurate representation of their authentic feelings, but even more infrequently does it manifest in an easily digestible format that can resonate with the average listener. Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Mothica has pulled this off with resounding efficiency, as her new self-released six track extended play, titled Heavy Heart, displays a mature emotional progression from top to bottom. Amassing over 60 million streams to date, the Oklahoma native utilizes low-end heavy minimalist productions to highlight her dynamically flexible voice and thoughtful lyricism, while adding elements through the EP from track to track.

Kicking off with the title track, “Heavy Heart,” Mothica engages the listener with a dark pop sound and catchy chorus lyrics, easing them into the depths of her mental state. The following song and lead single, “Self-Destructive,” is as bass-centric as it is self-deprecating, featuring top-tier production as can be expected from a pop record. “Mark My Words” is a key turning point in the EP, as the dark sonic attributes slowly gravitate towards the light, including a brass section and airy vocal harmonies. To close the project out, Mothica gives the listener a feeling of resolution on “Out Of It.” This record stands out among the six tracks as the brightest and most positive, featuring keys with a tasteful delay and enough reverb for a small village of trolling electronic producers. It is evident that Mothica thought out every aspect of her most recent extended play, and sourced production good enough to be called pop.

Look out for Mothica at an underground venue near you, and listen to the EP below.

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