At just 16 years old, prodigious artist Xan Griffin is absolutely slaying his superiors. The young artist taps into an endless vat of creativity to produce high-quality originals and remixes that have been catching major buzz. If not in age, the works of Xan Griffin are enough to impress anyone with an ear for talent.

Griffin teamed up with vocalist WILD for a brand new single, “Gemini,” that is bound to make an impact.  A rock-influenced introduction finds itself as a beautiful contrast to his mind-blowing leads. And just like that, the California native manages to check off various genres within the electronic music spectrum in just one emotion-evoking track.

“I based the song off of my personality which can be spontaneous or profound at the same time. WILD had written and sang the lyrics and I am so glad we had gotten to work together,” says Griffin about the track. “The duet, which has both a male and female vocalist, represents the twin aspects of a Gemini and the lyrics speak to both the polarizing beauty and destruction of my lunar sign.”

Fuel your inner fire with “Gemini” from Xan Griffin and WILD below. Stream/download here

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