When it comes to releasing new music, Krewella is on a roll. Two weeks after dropping “Be There,” they released their latest single, “Love Outta Me” on May 31. Now, Yasmine and Jahan just dropped their latest EP, New World Part 1, on June 8 to celebrate their anniversary of starting Krewella.

Krewella EP

To remember the special day, the sisters wrote a heartfelt message to their fans saying:

Seven years ago we quit school & our side jobs to dedicate ourselves to Krewella. in honor of that day we are releasing the New World EP Pt.1 we poured our hearts & souls into this one, had a fucking blast, dug into our cultural roots, and experimented more. we’re proud to announce that the New World Pt. 1 EP is our first independent release in 5 years on our very own ‘Mixed Kids Records’ — it feels so freeing to create art from a liberated mindset without expectations. can’t wait for you guys to hear every song and let us know how they make you feel. thank you to our krew for supporting us nonstop throughout this journey!! – Jahan & Yasmine.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Krewella to talk about their new EP, a special Zumba performance they were a part of and more big surprises to come!

Fans are in suspense after hearing that a new EP or a full album is coming up; which one can we look forward to and when? (Yazzy, “soon” doesn’t count as an answer. :P)

Soon is totally the worst answer, I know. I say that all the time because in my head, 2 months seems “soon” compared to the year or more we sometimes work on bodies of music. We are proud to announce that our new EP is out as of today (June 8), titled ‘New World: Part 1.’ Part 2 coming…soon 🙂

Rumor has it that you girls have also launched Mixed Kids Records, which is awesome! Can you share more details about that and the inspiration behind creating the platform?

Yes, our first self-owned record label! We recently left Columbia Records to pursue our own label. It’s an exciting time for us because for the first time in 5 years we have 100% control over when releases happen. Creatively we’ve always been able to make exactly the music we’ve been feeling at the time, the freedom of release schedule is a new motivating factor in the studio process for sure.

Krewella 2

Krewella 3

On May 17, Krewella spun electric dance beats for hundreds of students at UCLA during a high-energy, calorie burning fitness concert.

Giving students the ultimate workout, Zumba instructors showcased their masterful choreography to the beats of Krewella, which included their brand new track, “Thrilla,” which launched with the Zumba Instructor Network in May.

You guys recently DJed a Zumba class at UCLA. Tell us more about that experience and how that opportunity came about. Did you get to join in on the choreography?

It was incredible to DJ our first fitness event of any kind. Partnering with Zumba was especially wonderful because everything they do is so centered around music and making sure that the participants in the class are pushed to keep moving and dancing, an exciting way to workout without actually feeling like you’re working out. Curating the music for this set was exciting because we got to step out of our comfort zone and play a lot of styles that we wouldn’t normally get to DJ at a club or festival.

What is the partnership that you have with Zumba Instructor Network?

We’ve made 2 songs for them so far, one for Zumba classes (“Thrilla”) and one for their new, non-dance, high intensity program STRONG by Zumba (“I Got This”). The only guidelines we were given were tempo and to keep the energy up which lead to us to create 2 songs that were so much fun and cathartic to make. Since we’ve always been into health and fitness, it felt like the perfect opportunity for us to join our love for sweating onstage and sweating at the gym.

Do you see yourselves performing more Zumba fitness classes in the future around different college campuses?

We would absolutely love to. Walking away from the event at UCLA and watching hundreds of students moving and dancing along to our set with the insanely talented instructors exhilarated us and helped us see what a “show” could feel like through a new lens.

You girls just released “Be There” (which I love), but during the Zumba event, you included your brand new track, “Thrilla.” Is that a new single you’re planning to release next as well?

Thank you!!! “Thrilla” was released separately just for Zumba and their network of instructors.

Any other surprises coming up that you’d like to share with fans?

I would just say to keep your eyes open for a ton of new music and a big tour. It’s been about 3+ years since we’ve put on a tour like this and it’s going to be a culmination of over a year of planning and creating.

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