Apashe is an electronic music prodigy from Brussels that currently resides in Montreal. His sonic manipulation talents have taken him to new heights, leaving a fire trail of blazing hot remixes and originals in his wake. This time Apashe remixes Dodge & Fuski’s “Comeback,” and it’s a total banger.

Starting off with a fast-paced cymbal and atmospheric texture, “Comeback” was setup for success and built for the subwoofers in the clubs. The pumping bass accompanies the percussion and synths that build into the heavily vocoded vocals that appear at the :30 mark, which are extremely creepy and effective. Soon after the vocals are finished, “Comeback” quickly builds into the drop, which releases its energy at the 1:23 mark. Slamming bass and percussion wondrously subdue the listener into a state that can only be fathomed by those in the moment. Apashe’s remix of Dodge & Fuski’s “Comeback” is more than a remix; it’s an experience.

If you’re up to listening to Apashe’s surreal experience that is his remix of “Comeback,” then I invite you to listen below via the provided SoundCloud link. Rest assured: you will be blown away.

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