Up-and-comers DREVM have teamed up with mysterious producer 662607004 for a brand new single, “The Witch,” that will leave your inner goth senses ablaze.

Spooky ambiance leads you into the collaboration, with spoken word samples that give you much-needed Halloween vibes in June. The duo’s signature heavily distorted sub bass falls underneath plucky percussion samples for what I consider one of the heaviest drops to ever hit my eardrums. DREVM combines elements of trap, deathcore, and experimental dubstep in a way that will make you say, “What the fuck did I just listen to?” before pressing play for a third time. Their ritualistic sound is exactly what the music scene didn’t know it needed.

DREVM is comprised of brothers Dylan and Jared Chancey. They have secured releases on JadÅ« Dala, London’s trapdoor, and Artist Intelligence Agency’s Type 91. With a massive amount of support already underway, their takeover is most definitely just getting started.

Listen to “The Witch” from DREVM and 662607004 below.

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