Don Diablo has released the music video for his highly-anticipated “Save a Little Love,” which features vocals from the astounding Swedish singer-songwriter duo Smith and Thell.

The electro house prodigy played “Save a Little Love” in his sets over the past few months. While he anticipated a later release date, his fans cried and urged Diablo to release the track. He delivered. 

The music video starts with Don Diablo meeting up with one of his dancers. Mixing the sketchy (pun intended) pencil-like graphics and lyrics throughout the video is superb and fits Diablo’s persona perfectly. Perhaps my favorite line in the song is “Real love is for free.” The video was filmed in Washington by the same crew that filmed his “Cutting Shapes” music video. It’s filled with smiles, laughter, and fun all the way to the end of the video.

“I wanted to make a feel good song with a positive message that will put smiles on peoples’ faces, while still incorporating my trademark sounds.” – Don Diablo

Diablo’s signature sounds are most definitely incorporated into this tune, specifically his wide percussion, slamming piano chords, and massive bass and kick. I’m a huge fan of Diablo, and “Save a Little Love” furthers my love for him, his sound, and branding. He always sends positive messages and continues to release music that everyone can enjoy and dance to.

Be sure to watch Don Diablo’s music video of “Save a Little Love” below.

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