The emerging South American bass house music powerhouse, rrotik, has released an immaculate, booming remix of Torro Torro and Smalltown DJs’ “House Shake.” The remix features whispering vocals and a continuous rotational bass line. Inspiration was drawn from Brillz, JVST SAY YES, and Lil Texas. The club-ready remix was released on TWONK Records.

rrotik’s remix of “House Shake” is really quite a simplistic tune, which is often times more powerful than having something that’s really busy. Launching this house-shaking remix is a very effective distorted and filtered kick. It then jumps into a hip-hop and retro sounding sample that plays very eerie chords, insinuating that something big is about to come around. rrotik wastes no time by diving right into the drop, and he does so perfectly. The forefront of this remix is the superb bass, which is accompanied by a bone-rattling kick. The second drop is a four-on-the-floor rhythm, and it’s the perfect complement to the previous twerking drop’s beat.

Be sure to give rrotik’s remix a listen and allow your house to shake. It’s worth it!

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