Slushii just released “LUV U NEED U” through Monstercat and it’s quite an interesting release, to say the least. 

As a part of the upcoming Rocket League x Monstercat 18 track compilation, the song comes as a departure from the bass-heavy music we’ve come to expect from Slushii. “LUV U NEED U” takes a lighter, happier approach (perfect for a Rocket League game) all while maintaining the distinct vibe that Slushii is known for.

The song opens with some bright chords alongside a water-drop snare, and builds into a future bass drop, almost reminiscent of a jersey club release. The song continues and evolves into a melodic second verse, and finishes out with one of the most distinct drops we’ve seen from Slushii to date.

The song is available on most streaming platforms, and you can listen to it via SoundCloud below:

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