Oshi has all but solidified himself as a household name in the music industry, as the LA poster child never ceases to impress with his impeccable sound design. Take that squeaky clean production quality, then add a DeLorean. Now, throw in supremely talented vocalist Courtney Bennett, and you have a music video that rivals all others in terms of unique astonishment.

The video opens with an epic shot of Oshi exiting the DeLorean’s suicide doors. It then continues to juxtapose old-timey skyline filters with Courtney Bennett showing off her au courant style, alongside a stunning exposition of bright red lips. Now that I’m putting this to paper, it definitely sounds a little off the grid, but the director makes the cinematography work beautifully, leaving you with a sense of obscure contentment and an instantaneous desire to watch it again. Check out the video below, and make sure to keep up with Oshi and Courtney Bennett in their 2017 conquest.

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