19 year old Denmark based producer Dooqu, born Birk Bønløkke, is showcasing his prodigal talent through his newest landmark single “Circles”. 

Dooqu has a sonic style that tends to get stuck in your head for days, both whimsical and irresistibly catchy, and this release follows suit. “Circles” gently blends Ian Gott’s wistful voice with Dooqu’s ever-evolving production. The song tells a story about lovers constantly chasing each other in circles, so if you’ve been there before, it’s a deeply relatable tune. 

“I wanted to melt together soft and metallic sounds to create contrast. The result became ‘Circles’.” – Dooqu

Dooqu was born in the countryside of Denmark, and is a self-taught music producer. His music is reflective of his secluded upbringing, he conjures intensely original sounds that are incomparable with the work of others. This unique production skills are made even more impressive in light of his young age and self-tutelage. He taught himself how to play piano and is fluent with the saxophone as well. His initial inspiration to make music came from musicians he watched on YouTube, and the rest is history. 

Experience “Circles” below:


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