Polish DJ superstar Blinders did it right with his newest EP, Two Sides. The double track EP perfectly showcases the two opposite but complimentary sides of summer: days lounging on the beats, and nights grooving to the bass. The EP just dropped today, June 23, on Blinders’ home label, Protocol.

The EP starts off warm and welcoming with a dose of “Molly” (ft. Cardiknox), a bright summer pop smash with chill baselines and cheery vocals. Indie pop duo Cardiknox embody the sound of summer with their good-time vibes and vocals, making them essential to this poolside track. The second and final song, “Broken,” is a blend of trap, urban and highly processed, aggressive vocals. The track takes on a dark, racing bassline you’d expect to hear bumping in the night, complete with stealthy guitar riffs and lasers. Next to one another, these tracks truly embody the comparison of “day and night,” all while retaining a distinctly summertime feel.

Experience the two sides of Two Sides below:

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