The 21-year-old electronic music icon and LA-based singer-songwriter, Emmit Fenn, has released his Prologue EP. The prodigy has amassed an extremely impressive 23 million streams on Spotify, which all started with a stroke of his brush for the “Painting Greys” single back in 2015. “Painting Greys” topped the Spotify Global Viral Chart at No. 1 shortly after its release.

Emmit Fenn has been working on putting Prologue together since 2015. It’s combined with fresh and futuristic melodies that are performed by the magnificent Yuna and NYLO. The EP is complemented by the ground-breaking audio/visual journey on his website (below). The website was designed with the award-winning Active Theory agency, who has a client roster of Google, Spotify, Hennessey, and many more.

Emmit Fenn eases into Prologue by opening with a gorgeously crafted introduction simply titled “Intro.” The simplicity continues on and eases into “Oceans” (feat. NYLO), which then bursts into a pumping future bass-styled drop with wavy synths. “1995” brings about a more masculine vibe but keeps the flow of the EP going. “Blinded” finishes this spectacular EP off by bringing out Fenn’s orchestral production skills. Flawless, superb, and nostalgic are adjectives that barely scratch the surface to describe what Prologue is about.

Listen to Emmit Fenn’s Prologue EP below. You most definitely won’t regret it.

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