Xaebor is one of bass music’s most exciting new talents, sweeping fans off their feet with his previous productions such as “Blade,”Insomnia,” “Jurassic,” and more.

When it comes to music, the young producer doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, and has a distinct approach which breaks boundaries, which is exactly what they like at Buygore. Today, Xaebor drops his newest EP, Defiant, which shows his dedication to continue that onslaught.

The San Diego-native producer’s EP is comprised of four high-end tracks that make the heads of bass music enthusiasts spin. It is an outpouring of synth shrieks and bass blasts that turns dance floors into war zones. Poised to hammer down on the biggest crowds without restraint, this EP is unstoppable and without a doubt in a league of its own.

Listen to the Defiant EP and let us know what you think!

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