Just minutes after it was discovered that Chester Bennington had committed suicide, Linkin Park released a music video for “Talking To Myself.”

The song comes from One More Light, and the video highlights footage of the band’s live performances, recording sessions, and good times spent together. Upon publication of this article, the video has racked up nearly a quarter of a million shares.

Since the suicide of Chester Bennington, the music community has outpoured tremendous love for Linkin Park and their legacy. The iconic band has pioneered alternative music, bridged the gap between rock and electronic music, and has changed the lives of many fans.

While the video may have been uploaded in what some see as poor timing, it has turned into a place for fans to pay their respects. The Linkin Park fanbase has a reputation for being supportive and tightly knit, something that won’t go away anytime soon.

Watch the video below: