Earlier this year, we partnered up with SUBPAC for a stunning feature. The revolutionary audio technology brand takes music listening to the next level. And when the product is paired with SUBPAC-optimized productions, the bass possibilities are endless.

Today, we have an electrifying collaboration from SUBPAC and thrilling new supergroup Eko Zu. By way of an exciting remix of one of The Glitch Mob’s famed tracks, “Fly By Night Only,” Eko Zu makes a profound introduction with this brand new release.

The Eko Zu remix of “Fly By Night Only” is a complete gratification of sound. House-influenced basslines transform the powerful Love Death Immortality track into a compelling summertime jam. Dazzling songstress Zu’ri takes over the vocals for a tuneful new topline, while compelling guitar strums from Zu’CH3N and hybrid percussive patterns from Zu’ian blend with electro house synths for a final product that is far from stale.

Eko Zu is a trio guaranteed to break the norm of music production and live performance. Composed of Zu’ri, Zu’ian and Zu’CH3N, this hybrid house group from the deserted isle of Eko in the Mariana Archipelago, is unlike any of their musical opponents. Providing something fresh and innovative, Eko Zu is here to make a statement. Not to mention, Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob’s FOH Sound Engineer happens to be one-third of this promising trio.

When paired with SUBPAC’s listening capabilities, this remix from Eko Zu is easily one of the most impressive productions of 2017 so far. The official SUBPAC mix of Eko Zu’s “Fly By Night Only” remix brings out bass frequencies you didn’t think were possible, while giving your ears full melodic enjoyment.

“The SUBPAC hits you like a wall of dual­18 subs on a festival dancefloor. You feel it in your bones, moving your body and morphing your music.” – Eko Zu 

Listen to Eko Zu’s official remix for The Glitch Mob’s “Fly By Night Only” below. Catch them at California’s Northern Night Festival alongside Jai Wolf, Big Wild, G Jones, and more.

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