While it’s no doubt that this is fresh out of the studio, Thomas Gold has got us chanting on this big room masterpiece. The German producer completely immerses himself within “The Chant.” The tune features deep house synths, booming percussion, and incredible choir samples. “The Chant” is now out on Armada Music.

Right off of the bat, “The Chant” begins leaving its fire trail. Percussion, bass, and stabbing synths completely take over. The high energy doesn’t last long, though. It builds into the beautifully crafted string section during the middle, which sounds like it came right out of an action movie. Moving with arpeggios and choir samples, “The Chant” quickly dives back into the high energy tune it was set out to be. The contrast between the beginning, middle, and the end is like something I’ve never heard before. It is so well done that it’s hard to even fathom its perfection.

Thomas Gold is set to release the second half of his LP ‘Revelation’ later this year, along with a slew of massive remixes. He is definitely a DJ and producer that you’re going to want to.

Be sure to give Thomas Gold’s “The Chant” a listen below.

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