Vancouver-based producer Tor is known for his careful and brilliant fusion of ambient sound and beat-driven production. His sophomore album, Blue Book (Summer 2016), was a stunning reflection of the artist’s growth and innate grasp of sound dynamics. Panned favorably by critics, Blue Book explores new tempos and beats, while never straying from the raw qualities that made Tor’s sound unique. Each track melts into a meticulous concoction of distinct sounds. Strong, choppy vocals pair effortlessly with warm, smooth baselines and swells, creating a striking and alluring atmosphere. 

Tor recently released a complete rework of the critically acclaimed album, titled Blue Book Remixed, along with the stunning new video for his track, “Days Gone“. Set in a dystopian future, “Days Gone” emerges as a suspense-driven narrative that explores the themes of freedom and society’s dependence on authority and technology. 

Tor sought the direction of Eron Carruth to turn his sonic artwork into visual manifestations, stating “I love director Eron Carruth’s vision for this world that he was able to bring to life, with themes relating to our growing dependence on technology as well as corporate & government surveillance. It’s a strong message that’s relevant for our times.” 

Watch the striking video for Tor’s “Days Gone” below.

You can catch Tor at his remaining atmospheric live shows (listed below), some of which he will be joined by other Loci Records‘ artists. To purchase tickets, click HERE

06.29  Electric Forest Festival

07.07  Konnexion Festival

08.11  Shambhala Festival

08.17  Oregon Eclipse Festival