A deliberately gradual opening almost failed to prepare me for what is one of the best EPs I have heard so far this year. Element‘s debut EP, Uprising, is a five-track collection that displays his boundless creativity, impressive production talent, and striking ability to warp worlds of different sounds together.

Cinematic opening track “Intro” startingly transitions into a dark and experimental ending (similar to Flume’s “Enough”), teasing at a mysterious remainder of the EP. “Resurrection” follows Element’s cinematic theme with reverberated horns and drawn-out pads, complete with a brass-heavy lead that sits somewhere between the trap and electronic music spectrums. Newest track “Invigorate” shapes the rest of Uprising with an enchanting melody and future bass chords, acting as a jazzy segway into his closing tracks.

My favorite cut, “Revolution,” is hair-raising and brutally dark. A REZZ-inspired drop proves Element’s abilities to incorporate different musical influences, while keeping the final product 100% consistent with his own sound; something that many artists struggle with. Finally, “The Voices” leaves the EP on a collaborative note. Tequisha’s soft vocals are the perfect choice for a beautifully written and executed track. (My second favorite behind “Revolution” and ultimately, a must-listen.)

Listen to Element’s debut Uprising EP below and get ready to hear his name a lot more from here on out. 

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