NYC-based future soul artist Josh Jacobson returns to the spotlight with “Tethered,” an emotionally charged track that features instrumentals rarely heard in electronic music. I can still remember the first time I heard Josh’s music at the suggestion of a producer named Rewak up in Brooklyn, and the feeling of satisfaction and comfort that resulted. Josh rivals any popular artist  out there today as both a songwriter and composer. The depth of his sound design allows for the use of less conventional future bass sounds, so his music feels novel and not played out, while his vocals have an utterly raw quality to them. 

“Tethered” is a solid follow up to his last original release, “Polaroids,” and is evocative of early James Blake as well as some of the XX’s more mainstream work. Midway through the record, he brings in a grand piano sound that demonstrates his soulful and classically-trained influences, and ties the record together in a fashion that has become signature for Josh Jacobson.

Experience his beauty beat “Tethered” below:

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