Felix De Laet, better known as Lost Frequencies, has soared to success on many levels after releasing his hit single, “Are You With Me” in 2014. He took the No. 1 spot on multiple music charts, was the first Belgian artist to secure his first three hit singles charting at the No. 1 spot on the Ultratop official Belgian charts, and released his debut album Less Is More in October.

Lost Frequencies has been taking the music scene by storm, and has been keeping busy by being on tour with The Chainsmokers, as well as creating new music, such as his new single, “Here With You” featuring Netsky, which released today on Ultra Music in the U.S. and Armada.

We were lucky enough to catch up with the DJ/producer to talk more about his new single and what it’s like to be on tour with The Chainsmokers.

You’ve been touring around North America and performing with The Chainsmokers.  Tell us what the experience has been like and your favorite part about it.

I have! It’s been so much fun, those guys are crazy – my favorite part of the tour was all the goofing around and joking.  The guys played pranks on the last date of the tour, changing their Keyboard player’s microphone with some rude and funny objects instead. You never know what is going to happen, haha! The whole experience was also really unique for me because I played in really big venues–what I usually don’t do when I come in North America, and that was an amazing experience ! 

Since you’ve been performing with The Chainsmokers, has there been any talk of doing a collaboration? 

Not yet! We’re both very busy working on our own music and tours but who knows what will happen in the future…

You’ve just released your debut album, Less Is More. Can you tell us more about it and what your biggest inspiration was for creating it? 

I released it back in October via Armada and Ultra in the US.  I felt so lucky that I had that opportunity so early on in my career. My main inspiration wasn’t one particular thing, I wanted mainly to make the album feel positive and colourful with different collaborations and new productions, to capture what Lost Frequencies as a project is really about.

Do you have a favorite track that you’ve worked on or are most proud of putting together? 

I cannot pick a favorite! My latest track ‘All Or Nothing’ was super fun, I collaborated with Axel Ehnström who I met through the label and I really like his voice – I always like working with other vocalists that can bring something different to the table.

Your album gives off a very chill, laidback vibe, putting it into the category of ‘feel-good’ music. Is that the kind of theme you were going for and is that how you would describe your sound as a whole? 

I chose Lost Frequencies as my artist name as I wanted to revive these lost tracks or elements of past music, but with a modern twist. I’m a feel-good guy so I like to make feel-good music, but that can take on a lot of different styles. My new track with Netsky ‘Here With You’ is out on Armada June 30th, and that is more of a “electronic” track than what you would expect from me, but still has a beautiful female topline and melodies in the beginning that makes it a real mix of both of our styles – you could say it is feel-good, haha!

What are some upcoming projects that you’re currently working on? Any new music that fans can look forward to? 

My new track which I’ve mentioned above ‘Here With You’, which has a really energetic, Summer feel, and I have my Deluxe album coming up next month. Which will actually be a Deluxe version of “Less Is More,” but every single track remixed by me, in a more – clubby/festival – vibe ! 

Tell us five things we don’t know about you.

-I have two dogs

-I was studying economics in Brussels before I started Lost Frequencies

-I would love to collaborate with Flume

-I first began learning production on Garage Band

-My favorite desert is vanilla pudding

Be sure to check out “Here With You” featuring Netsky below!

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