Monk & Keys’ self-titled tribalground genre EP is one of the most unique EPs I’ve heard in 2017. The Montreal-based duo will remain anonymous, much like EDM industry chart-toppers Marshmello and Malaa have chosen to do. Monk & Keys have been working tirelessly to perfect their craft and love for sound design, and they can now reveal their latest masterpiece as a debut EP, which was released on EIS Recordings. This epic journey through electronic tribal sound is surely going to have you dancing.

The EP contains four stomach-thumping, heart-wrenching tracks, perfectly titled “Temple,” “Ritual,” “Hunter,” and “Akuma.” Each track takes you right through the heart of the jungles, deserts, and mountains around the world.

Temple“: Hot out of the oven is “Temple.” It begins with a slamming kick drum while the tribal percussion really take control of the track. The unique bass line that is sidechained heavily to the kick is a prominent feature throughout. The tune takes a hefty dive into subtly that doesn’t last but a minute. Halfway through “Temple,” the energy continues and slams the lower frequencies with brute force.

Hunter“: Preparing for an ultimate fate by a hunter after leaving the temple is guaranteed in this tune. The deep percussion with large ambiance is the perfect theme for this on-edge track. Impeccable and unforgiving sound design is sure to keep your ears and imagination keen as you continue your journey through the deserts, forests, and mountains around the world. “Hunter” is doused in sound design and remarkable percussion samples. It’s my personal favorite from the dynamic debut EP.

Ritual“: Thumping, heavy plucking bass samples dominate the beginning of “Ritual.” 30 seconds into the promising tune, Monk & Keys decide to kick it up a notch with the tribal percussion. “Ritual” is heavily produced around the percussion, which is a unique approach to music production. 1:30 seconds in brings about the atmospheric and authoritative percussion that quickly calls for the ritual. The unique panning nature of the percussion in “Ritual” throughout makes this a paramount for the tune and even the EP.

Akuma“: To bring this massive EP to a close, Monk & Keys take advantage of “Akuma.” The exclusive samples and use of light percussion throughout make “Akuma” a true stand out from the rest of the album. Featuring Snails-like samples towards the end is something to be admired. Bringing in samples from other artists, yet making things unique and your own is not something that’s easily achieved. Monk & Keys completely prevailed in their production with “Akuma.”

Monk & Keys’ debut is full of wonderful auditory surprises, including encapsulating sound design and newness. Budding producers like this with quality productions like these are bound to swing their way to the main stages at massive festivals around the world in the very near future. They’re definitely a duo you’re going to want to keep an eye and ear out for!

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