The war on drugs is just so weird.

In 1977, a mansion in Carno, West Wales was discovered to house over 1 million tabs of LSD. Even more, police found ingredients capable of producing another 6.5 million tabs, as well as share certificates in Swiss bank accounts worth millions of dollars. Rumor has it that the mansion was responsible for around 90% of LSD in all of the UK at the time.

In the original police investigation, “Operation Julie,” the intersection between law enforcement and hippie culture became comical. Some cops went undercover and pretended to fight with other officers, some drug dealers befriended the cops, and some locals were led to believe that the undercover police were a part of a gay cult.

40 years pass by, and the area is being patrolled by law enforcement again. According to former officer Stephen Bentley, an individual involved in the ‘77 trade has claimed that drug contents are still hidden in the surrounding woods. This has prompted a drastic increase of police presence in the area, as well as the potential for drug-seekers in the area.

The original operation is one of the biggest drug operations of all time, and interestingly enough, it took place almost exactly 40 years ago. History repeats itself.