Feint’s new collaboration with MYLK is every drum and bass fan’s dream come true. The track comes as a beautiful ear candy piece part of the Rocket League and Monstercat compilation album, which is slated for a July 5th release. “Outbreak” is certainly going to be a signature track on the compilation album.

“Outbreak” begins with a beautiful minor third pluck on the guitar that wobbles back and forth. MYLK’s vocals, however, don’t take long to add to the uniqueness. Feint brings in his iconic sound pretty swiftly and constructs it into an even more iconic drop, which has completely baffled me. The busy drums, straightforward synths, and vocals really bring “Outbreak” into a truly iconic drum and bass piece.

Feint and MYLK have really made a name for themselves recently, and “Outbreak” is the cherry on top. The Manchester-based talent, Feint, is considered one of the drum and bass revolution’s head honchos. The perfectionism throughout his work is consistent and shows heavily, which allows him to be at least a few steps ahead of the competition. Moreover, Feint’s “We Won’t Be Alone” (feat. Laura Brehm) currently holds the highest retention rate of all videos on Monstercat’s YouTube channel.

MYLK is also a Manchester-based talent. She’s a singer, songwriter, and producer who takes pride in her unique blend of Kawaii production and sound sets. Her connection with J-Pop’s AVEX Group allows her to really showcase her originality.

Be sure to give Feint and MYLK’s “Outbreak” a listen below. It’s truly a remarkable drum and bass masterpiece!

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