In recent news, Sweden’s Bravalla Music Festival has received some serious reports of rape and sexual assault, as well as receiving the same claims at last year’s event. These unresolved issues have prompted the festival to be cancelled in 2018. Mumford and Sons, who were headliners of last year’s event said that they wouldn’t feel comfortable performing there until there was more safety for the female concertgoers.


As no one is taking this situation lightly, Swedish comedian Emma Kynckare is especially interested in making a “man-free” music festival in her home country of Sweden. She wants this festival to take place “until all men have learned how to behave.”

She doesn’t believe leaving out men is unfair “since it seems to be OK to discriminate against women all the time, maybe its OK to shut out men for three days? I would not exactly call it an abuse not to come to the festival.”

This idea of a ‘no-men’ festival might seem outrageous, but this isn’t the first time this concept has been brought to the table. Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. recently introduced its first women’s only space named The Sisterhood. We might be seeing a lot more of these trends in the upcoming months if men don’t step up their game.