As a fan of many genres of music, I always find beauty in finding new and up and coming artists before they hatch. I’ve got to say, the blend Erich Mrak brings with hip-hop, pop, and electronic styles is something else. I never heard of the Canadian rapper/producer, but that’s clearly changed.

Erich Mrak has a distinct sound that reminds me of Post Malone or Mac Miller, mixed with an electronic vibe. The piano melody and low-key vibe is perfect for sitting outside in the summer. The video for “Think About It” is just a day in the life of any 21-year-old kid in Toronto, and showcases Erich Mrak in his real world. This isn’t a video about trapping or clubbing, but an ordinary day for the young rapper. The video was released just a few days ago on July 1st, and you can listen to the track on Mrak’s SoundCloud here.

I would keep an eye on Mrak, as many people are getting tired of mumble rap. As I’ve listened to “EDM” change over the years, rap and hip-hop has taken a big step in electronic music. Look at guys like Diplo, Skrillex, and many more.

You can also buy the track from iTunes, which was originally released January 24th. That’s a seven month wait for the video, showing Erich Mrak as a true master of his art to take the time to release the video.

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