Fresh onto the alternative pop music scene, Lebanese-American vocalist and songwriter, Gallo, is the quintessential 70s pin-up girl: glamorous, pouty, and full of tongue-in-cheek humor. Taking center stage in her perpetual Quentin Tarantino dreamscape, Gallo presents “Sugar Daddy”, a technicolor fantasy rich with choppy vocals and seductively sweet lyrics.

The leading single from her self-titled EP, “Sugar Daddy,” is a flavorful blend of dark, moody croonings and enticing visuals that keep our eyes locked onto the screen. The Hollywood starlet is no stranger to ever-changing delicious scenery, spending her childhood traveling around the world. Now the center of her own fanciful and alluring universe, Gallo’s “Sugar Daddy” employs her wildest visions. With detailed (and at times grotesque) depictions of crumbling birthday cakes and expensive lobster dinners being ripped to shreds, Gallo transports viewers into her own surreal fantasy filled with dark humor and subtle sex appeal.

“With ‘Sugar Daddy’ I wanted to write a sing along. Lyrically it’s super playful and very tongue in cheek. It’s narrative has been dressed up in sinfully sweet lyrics and addictive melodies that I hope will have you singing it on repeat,” Gallo says of her work. “We’ve all seen someone with a sugar daddy or know someone who has one so I wrote “Sugar Daddy” as a satirical and colorful commentary on that. Not all my songs are autobiographical. With this one I was just seeing it around me a lot. I also saw a growing popularity of the word “Daddy” in millennial culture and the desire to have a sugar daddy even if just jokingly.”

Gallo’s debut EP is set to drop August 25. Pre-orders for the Gallo EP will be made available with the release of her next single “Truth Or Dare,” on July 21.

Watch the vibrant video for “Sugar daddy” below:

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