Austria-based house duo Wild Culture just released their new single, “See You Again” featuring Ramon. The inspiration for “See You Again” came about when Florian and Felix were touring in Australia. The boundless of the beautiful country led to the perfectly crafted “See You Again.”

Wild Culture recently found success with their single “Sugar.” They took over the Austrian Airplay charts in 2016 with “Sugar” by receiving a few million plays on Spotify, Apple Music, among others.

“See You Again” is unique in genre flavor. The combination of a ballad and electronic piece is a rare find, but Wild Culture and Ramon color the gray area flawlessly. The soothing piano chords, calm electronic rhythms and organic elements are standard to Wild Culture’s style. This uniqueness allows for instant recognizability for Wild Culture. Ramon’s warm, distant vocals throughout are what really encapsulate the listener to fall head-over-heels in love with this piece.

Experience “See You Again” below:

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