Gregory Kantor, better known as 5 & A Dime, has gained a lot of music lovers’ attention with tracks such as “Pipes,” “Pulse,” “Wild,” and a collection of hot mash-ups. He’s already gained a lot of support from the industry’s hottest DJs, such as Tiesto, Afrojack, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Baauer, R3hab, Deorro, Adventure Club, Cash Cash, Herobust, and many more.

After gaining inspiration to start producing music from Girl Talk, 5 & A Dime started to gain experience making “music solely off of a computer,” which got him working with Ableton around 2010. The Philadelphia-native producer received a lot of attention from fans primarily for his mashups, which led to a lot of amazing experiences including touring with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki.

“The Mashups left me wanting more and I realized I needed to start making my own original music. So from 2015 I started to release my own stuff like ‘Pipes,’” said 5 & A Dime.  

We were lucky enough to catch up with 5 & A Dime, where he spoke about some of his biggest influences, his latest track, “Make ‘Em Bounce,” and his recent hiatus. Check it out below.

Who are some of your biggest influences? Or someone you look up to as a musician and potentially want to collaborate with in the future?

Well aside from Girl Talk my biggest influences would have to be Skrillex, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Diplo, and Baauer. If I were to have a dream collaboration it honestly would be with any of those guys. They all are true artists that pushed boundaries one way or another.

How did you come up with the name 5 & A Dime?

When I was 14 I got caught stealing a 99 cent frisbee from a dollar store. I ended up getting arrested and taken to the station for headshots and everything. Some years back I was brainstorming ideas for a DJ alias and I was going through pictures in my parents’ attic and found the headshots. The store that this happened in was called Hoys 5 & 10, so I thought of the name 5 & A Dime! It was a stupid mistake as a kid but the moment stuck with me and the story is too good not to use!

You recently did a collaboration with Peekaboo, titled “Make ’Em Bounce.” How did this partnership come together? Was there something specific about Peekaboo’s signature sound that triggered the collaboration?

I believe it started with him sending me demos and I told him I liked his music. We ended up working on a bare-bones WIP he sent me and I knew that this would become a great track. His style is very bass-y but in a tasteful way. His signature sound helped bring out the crazy distorted 808 you hear in the track. Both of our ideas combined, created something awesome I believe!

What would you say is the inspiration behind the track (“Make ’Em Bounce”) and what makes it so different from other tracks you’ve produced in the past?

My vision was to develop a sound that I could describe as something like a mix between Bassnectar and Knife Party. The feeling of out-of-control bass being contained. I believe that this work very much pushes the new direction I am taking with bass elements in my tracks. The fact that the bass gets to breathe so much here means that PEEKABOO and I had to really consider what types of treble elements we utilized. There was limited room in the high end frequencies and we didn’t want to overpower the bass lines. The feeling I wanted to bring and reflect through this track was of destruction. You can feel the implosion when you hear the first hit of the drop.

You just released a mix with 59 tracks in 60 minutes. What inspired you to do this and how did you find the inspiration for all of the mashups that you included?

I haven’t released a mix in a while and I really wanted to come back into the scene in a big way. I feel that this mix showcases my roots and where I’m heading at the same time. For the mashups I wanted there to be some tracks that the listener would 100% know right off the bat, and some tracks that no one knew about. I wanted this mix to ultimately represent what a live show of mine would sound like.

Are there any other projects that you’re currently working on that fans can lookout for?

Yes! I have been working hard in the studio on a lot of new material and I can’t wait to share it all. Watch out for a collaboration with a great friend of mine, HOLLY, next month. It’s something very special to me and has already been supported by guys like The Chainsmokers!

What sparked your recent short hiatus from releasing music?

It was a time of reflection for me, with some personal issues to deal with. It gave me time and space to reflect on my past experiences and utilize them to influence my new music. I spent a lot of time in the studio trying new ideas and experimenting with sounds that went in so many different directions. I really wanted to challenge and push myself to improve, and I can honestly say that year-long hiatus was the best thing I could have done.

You will hear a new level of emotion and some different styles in all my new work and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

Tell us five things that we don’t know about you.

1) I was the 2004 Dance Dance Revolution Extreme World Champion (yes, I’m 100% serious).

2) I graduated from Lehigh University after I got off tour with Kendrick and Aoki, I wanted to make sure I did not lose all the work I put into that.

3) I don’t like ketchup.

4) I’m legally blind.

5) I caught all 151 Pokemon in Pokemon Blue when I was 10.

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