For many of us, Hudson Mohawke’s Satin Panthers EP may have been our first introduction into what “trap” could be. People had no idea what to think when they heard bangers like “Thunder Bay” and “Cbat.” This was before RL Grime, before Flosstradamus’s breakout remix of “Original Don,” before the “Harlem Shake” craze even. Believe it or not, Satin Panthers, and “Cbat” are over six years old now. When looking back on how the genre came to be, Hudson Mohawke definitely deserves HUGE credit. Especially after the fact that he would later join up with Lunice to create what would be a genre defining project: The TNGHT EP.

Fast forward from 2011 to present day. Sadly, it’s very rare for DJs these days to throw down any of those epic throwback trap tracks. Hell, the last time I saw HudMo himself, he didn’t even play “Cbat” or “Thunder Bay.” Boombox Cartel decided to throw us into a daze of nostalgia by remixing “Cbat,” and adding their signature, high energy design to the classic Hudson Mohawke jam.

I’ve already heard the remix played out at multiple different festivals by numerous DJs. At first, fans were unsure if Boombox Cartel was going to keep it for themselves as a secret weapon, but after calling on fans for 2,000 retweets, the Mexican duo unleashed it as a free download to the public.

Stream the track below, and if you’re feeling it, hit that free download link:

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