You better believe that Destructo, the man behind such events like HARD Summer and Holy Ship, and also one of the pioneers of the G-house subgenre, would know how to pick his artists for a remix EP. Not too long ago Destructo enlisted the skills of Getter, Motez, Brohug, Noise Frenzy, and Parker to remix one of the tracks off his recent Renegade EP, “All Nite.”

Each one of these producers adds a refreshing twist to the original single, which features Destructo’s signature G-house sound. The two remixes that I think stand out the most on the remix EP would have to be Getter’s and Noise Frenzy’s. Getter completely flips the track on it’s head. Getter takes what was once a groovy, after hours club jam, and morphs it into a super heavy hybrid trap banger that is poised for festival stages anywhere. As for Noise Frenzy’s remix, I think I prefer his to the original. Noise Frenzy keeps the four-on-the-floor beat, but adds an insane amount of bass to the drop that will smack you right in the face if you’re expecting the original beat.

The other three remixes are nothing to shy away from either. Motez keeps the original “All Nite” vibes where they were, but brings the beat, for the lack of a better term, deep down low. Brohug adds their usual, premiere bass-house flair to the track, and Parker throws in some trap elements to his remix.
I think it’s safe to say that Destructo made the right choice by choosing these artists to take on his “All Nite” track. 

Experience the remixes below:

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