The quickly rising Dion Timmer has released a melodic dubstep tune called “Till I Make It,” featuring luscious vocals from Tima Dee. “Till I Make It” is similar in style to Jack U’s “Where Are U Now,” featuring Justin Bieber, and is now out on Monstercat.

Dion Timmer has really made a name for himself over the course of the last year. Recently, he’s played shows alongside legendary electronic music icons such as Flux Pavilion and Going Quantum. His recent productions have truly showcased what the up-and-coming producer is capable of. Give his remix of Snails and Pegboard Nerds‘ “Deep In The Night” a listen. Absolutely remarkable!

“Till I Make It” starts with simple rock-like loop with a subtle pad that sits superbly in the background. Tima Dee’s vocals quickly come in to take over. The drop isn’t your stereotypical Dion Timmer drop, though. As aforementioned, it’s very similar to Jack U’s  “Where Are U Now.” Slamming kick, bass, and synth beep move throughout the drop. I’m going to be jamming to this one for awhile!

Give “Till I Make It” a listen below on Monstercat!

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