For years, people have been redesigning How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum commercials. There are memes, YouTube videos, and even subreddits for these parody enthusiasts. For someone who is a full-fledged Internet addict, I really miss a lot of these wildly unnecessary phenomenons. 

The How It Feels movement is one that I would have been perfectly alright with avoiding. However, it has been brought to my attention that many of these parodies are inappropriate. And by inappropriate, I mean videos that you should 9000% not be opening in a public and professional setting. Anyways, since I’m not hip with the memes, I found this out the hard way. Absolutely none of it fits under the category of ‘Things I Wanted to See Today.’ 

And all of this was discovered simply because I was trying to find an accurate portrayal of what it feels like to listen to Ray Volpe‘s brand new single with Krys Talk. But unfortunately, I have given up. So with that said, stimulate the fuck out of your senses with “Spirit Squad” from Ray Volpe and Krys Talk below. The track is available for free download and all that shit.

By the way, Ray is offering personal haikus on his Twitter in exchange for a repost. Harass him for one of those here

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