WHIPPED CREAM is set out to change the game. Her determination and passion for what she does are entirely transparent and those two things, along with an insanely and consistently impressive discography, are what have led her to where she is today.

The Vancouver-based DJ/producer began devoting her life to music after attending her first music festival and ever since then, she’s secured multiple Nest HQ premieres, an official remix for X&G, a performance at Shambhala Music Festival (with her second performance coming up this summer), and a reputation that has her quickly becoming a household name. Her upcoming performance at HARD SUMMER will have her sharing the stage with Josh Pan, Kayzo, Doctor P, and more.

In honor of her forthcoming HARD SUMMER mixtape and performance, we wanted to know more about what Caroline Cecil, aka WHIPPED CREAM, is all about. Spoiler alert: she keeps it real AF. Check it out below.

I was browsing through some previous interviews and found that you decided to jump headfirst in music after your first festival. Did you ever have a moment when you doubted yourself doing it full-on or have you been sure of your goals from the start?

IV never had a doubt every step Iv taken has felt very right to me in every single ounce of my body. why? because i have had 100% trust in music my whole life because i just felt it uncontrollably, it made me feel safe, its something that has always been there for me.

From the looks of it, you go HARD at your sets. What can we expect to hear from you at HARD SUMMER this year? (Clever, I know.)

Haha thank you. no better feeling than going hard with energy and connecting w other people for me. .Actually good news my hard summer mix tape is coming out v soon so you’ll get to hear a lil taste of stuff, im on right now ( the mix a lil chiller obv cos not a live show). Honestly, Itll all base on on my crowd, i love going hard but my set time is very first act on i believe. im gunna feel the energy. Ill be 100% me thats something i promise to my art and to you at all times. expect unreleased original music , and any good music im feeling off any genre. no box ever! <3

It seems like you’ve really grown as an artist throughout the past year. What have been some of the stand-out moments of your career so far?

Thank you, I definitely feel iv grown as a human being in general. This year has been massive for me in the sense of growth. Iv been through a lot……. Playing the Pagoda Stage @ Shambhala has been the most stand out moment of my career so far, and of my life.

You seem really open and honest with your fans, which is something that a lot of artists lose as they get bigger. Why do you think being candid is so important as an artist?

Thank you, I hope to never lose that. I had to fight and continue to fight pretty much on my own and the support of my friends, family to get to where i am. Nothing in my life ( not just for my career ) was handed to me. I think its my duty to be as real as possible and let people know doing what you love is possible and that we are all equal. If i can do it, so can you. We all have equal hours in the day. Its about what we are willing to sacrifice to get the things we want in our life. I just want to show people im no different than them. Im not on any kind of platform we both standing here on earth, together.

Your productions and your DJ sets are making people pay attention extremely quickly. Have you been musically inclined since a young age or was it something you picked up later on?

Thanks im just writing the music that is flowing out at this moment in my life and My live sets are where I collect the most energy. Ill spend sometimes months working on a set. My live set is so important to me. Just as important as my production. When I was a baby my dad kept a radio by my crib at all times. I grew up as a child always feeling the music. Dancing for fun, feeling the emotion. Feeling the most confident when a good song was playing.. dont rly know hwo to describe it. But iv always felt i am one with the music. like I am music. its hard to explain. um, when i was a young child i was put into figure skatinhg and grew up competitive skating till 18. no music lessons or anything.. just expressed my self through music on the ice. at 18 i broke my ankle and had to give it up some short time after that. that following year i went to my first music festival and thats where my life was changed forever. I experience a feeling of accepting love and fulfillment i never had felt so strong. I knew i wanted to be able to share that feel w other people for the rest of my life. After embracing , diving in , submersing my self and forcing myself to learn to first dj then produce. all of the technically of it just came with time. Heres, the thing i never claim to me technically correct music is just something iv always felt so right inside of me more than anythign else. I have no words again to describe how iv learned i just really wanted to and had always had a good taste in music. so there with countless of hours in ableton and continuously playing shows i really learned music and myself.

You are making your own sound and really carving your own path in dance music, all while radiating confidence and remaining genuine. How do you ignore all of the politics and bullshit that come with the industry and stay true to yourself?

wow, thank you so much that means a lot. yo.. this is a great question, thank you for the good questions. its nice for me. this is a big one for me. n i feel this has been truly testing me. You think it gets easier the higher you climb but hell no it does not, you just get stronger, you been through more, you been told no 200 times and now no is just an opportunity for something else. especially being a woman, you are 100 judged a little more than a dude , its like yo this girl is hot shes not mkaing her own music, or who is hookin up w to get that gig. theres no way shes workin for it. that kind of judgement shit really really really used to get to me. it was like how dare you say that. i had no choice being born a woman dog. you see big dj guys able to live any way they want n thos kind of judgement are never thought of at all. a woman faces them. every time she put her self out there. This industry is beautiful but yes there is a lot of bullshit too, i think like anything though. You gotta surround yourself by the people you think will be there for you and grow for you/ honest, reliable people. its so important. youre only as strong as people around you and if that means cutting everyon out for a bit . do it. you gotta keep your self sane. if music is what you live for you gotta protect your spirit and that can be hard. Music and my team my family friends and fans are what keep me sane. I can be a complete wreck and know im gunna be ok cos music is here. thats such a gift to me. being able to feel music.

Who are some of your inspirations and/or dream collaborations?

ASAP ROCKY, Alon Mor, Skrillex, Active Child, James Blake, Baauer, Bon Iver, Andre 3000, ASAP FERG, Majid Jordan, Baauer, Post Malone, Kill the noise, Syd, RL GRIME, Tyler the creator, Killer Mike, Zeds dead

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017 and/or throughout the next few years?

I will answer this question with one word. Persist.

Is there anything you want fans (new and old) to know about you?

I truly feel blessed to be able to share my heart and soul with you, i mean it. Every show, every song is an absolute gift to me.
with that being said, Theres a lot of music coming im siting on near a dozen original tracks right now and making sure everything thats put out if 100% right in my soul. xxx

Catch WHIPPED CREAM throwing down at HARD SUMMER on Saturday, August 5th, at the GREEN STAGE. Stay posted for her forthcoming mixtape and check out some of her tracks below. But most importantly, keep an eye out, because she’s here to stay.

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