Franky Nuts is based in Holland, but he’s made a huge name for himself in bass music from headlining acts like Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, and Skrillex to name a few. The legendary Circus Records label penned a deal with Franky back in 2016, which led to his release of “Whiplash” soon after. “Soundboy Killah” and “Bring It On” came earlier in 2017, and now we have Back On The Set. Franky also remixed DISKORD‘s “Anything You Want” – which makes an appearance on this EP (and of course, he completely nailed it.) Back On The Set is most definitely Franky Nuts’s paramount sound, as well as a prime example as to why he’s continuing to climb the charts.

Right from the get-go, Back On The Set wields unforgiving energy. The EP kicks off with the title track “Back On The Set.” It then moves to the a high-energy piece called “One Second” (feat. NCT) which is sure to leave you breathless. “Take You There,” “All In My Head,” and the “Anything You Want” remix take on the latter half of the relentless EP. The fast-moving up-and-coming producer has superb talent, and he’s for sure going to be a highly anticipated producer within a short period of time.

Experience Back On The Set below:

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