The synth scene in Los Angeles is exploding. Emerging with that scene is the L.A.-based deep house, techno, REZZ-infused trio known as KRON. Their unique deep house sound and techno style utilizes modular synths quite heavily to create a retro-futuristic horror synth sound. Their latest track, “Arcane Sanctuary,” does just that and more. KRON are not only audio gurus, but also visual geniuses, and their live shows are A/V masterpieces that really turn the dance floor into hot lava. 

“Arcane Sanctuary” is filled with Egyptian-styled plucks that are accompanied by a deep, filtered pluck and arpeggios. It’s dark attitude flows throughout the sonic and arcane sanctuary throughout, giving a truly spooky feeling to the track. The visual acts as a trippy smorgasbord of traces and colors, the perfect psychedelic treatment for this techno production. 

Give KRON’s “Arcane Sanctuary” a listen via the YouTube video below:

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