Dance music isn’t just about the music, but being able to express yourself and live a certain lifestyle is what makes the culture so special.

We’ve seen a few clothing and lifestyle brands, such as Electric Family, Damascus, and iHeartRaves, bring awareness to the EDM scene, and now a new name is stepping up to premiere their new clothing line that is certainly going to take the dance community by storm.

Svcred is launching a new line that focuses on dance music streetwear, showcasing their unique designs and products ranging from tank tops to hats and bomber jackets. Their dance music-based apparel is sleek and sophisticated with social messages embedded in the designs. Svcred pays homage to the roots of electronic music, while addressing social issues.

Just like what the culture is all about, Svcred, which is a new unisex streetwear company, allows fashionistas to embrace their quirks, eccentricities and self-perceived flaws. Check out Svcred’s campaign here.

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