Being a DJ/producer isn’t as easy as it seems. Only after a lot of hard work and dedication, comes the reward. However, one must wonder how some of the big name DJs in the music industry gain so much success.

One of the biggest names in the industry, ODESZA, reveal what it’s like to be a DJ and the creative process that goes into being a musician, both of which have led them to their big success. As a part of their album campaign, the duo created a mini-documentary showing them in their musical element.

The video shows ODESZA strolling through the streets of Seattle to their home studio alongside some footage of the two of them on tour at Red Rocks. They discuss why Seattle holds such a strong importance to their sound, and the creative process they go through to write songs together and how that affects their work.

ODESZA reveals that it’s all about trying new things and exploring different sounds in order to make these special connections with the music they create. Check out the full video footage below to hear their success story.