Ticketmaster is handing out free tickets as the result of a class action lawsuit.

Filed by Curt Schlesinger in 2003, Ticketmaster was accused of failing to fully disclose all aspects of its UPS and order processing fees. The ticketing giant settled the case back in 2013 and gave out a large sum of free tickets to fans, but they are now back with another massive disbursement.

If you purchased any tickets from Ticketmaster between October 21st, 1999 and February 27th, 2013, then you are a part of the ‘class’ in Schlesinger’s class action lawsuit. As part of the ongoing settlements, you can receive ticket vouchers, along with a $5 UPS discount code and a $2.25 discount code for any ticket purchases until June 2020.

To claim your tickets, head to ticketmaster.com and sign in with your username and password. Once you log in, you will be able to find your discount codes, UPS discount codes, and ticket vouchers under the “Active Vouchers” section within your account.

The eligible event list is located here, which includes almost 200 shows across the country. Each ticket voucher is redeemable for two (2) general admission tickets to eligible events. Ticket Voucher redemption will be made available on a “first-come, first-served basis.”  

(Digital Music News)