21-year-old boy wonder Kai Wachi is back with this multifaceted, genre-bending banger “Luvsick” featuring rapper ylti. Starting off with an intoxicating hip-hop intro courtesy of ylti, “Luvsick” immediately draws listeners in. In signature Kai Wachi fashion, the beat soon ascends into a hard-hitting, heavy drop, blending a smooth bass line with head-banging dubstep.

As if the first drop wasn’t satisfying enough, Kai Wachi he decides to play with his sound yet again in the second half, this time transforming “Luvsick” into a lulling downtempo record, complete with sensual horns and strings to accompany the beat. “Luvsick” is essentially three songs in one, and Kai Wachi is responsible for each distinct note.

Never failing to surprise us, Kai Wachi has once again found his way onto every summer playlist with this fiery new record. Listen to the intoxicating “Luvsick” below:

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