Theo Do Camp, better known as Answerd, has been growing in the Dubstep scene since 2013. After joining French Dubstep crew Crookerz in 2014, he sprayed his rough-edged bass tones all over Bassweight Records and Substrate Recordings. Now, he has taken the next big step in his career by releasing a beast track on Borgore’s Buygore label.

Answerd has now released “Scissors,” continuing along the lines of the ferocious records that marked the start of his career and drops an absolute speaker-buster of a tune.

“Scissors” is destined for great things, giving bass lovers all over the world a very special treat. Infused with jackhammer beats and nails-to-the-chalkboard squelches, the peak-time head-banger will prove a force to be reckoned with in the sets of the world’s finest DJs.

“Scissors” is now available to purchase. Stream it below:

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