You haven’t forgotten about Trippy Turtle, have you? Trippy was making a huge name for himself a few years ago with releases like “Trippy’s Theme” and his “Marvin & Chardonnay” remix with DJ Hoodboi. Since then, he’s released some catchy Jersey club tracks that have amounted to hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud.

Trippy stepped out of the limelight for a bit to make room for his good friend Lido. Lido, if you didn’t know yet, is the genius behind Trippy Turtle and Fofofadi Records. Due to the major success of Lido, I was pleasantly surprised today when I found out that he will be releasing a new Trippy Turtle project, the Trippy EP. I was even more surprised when I found out the features on the project included names like Soulja Boy and Lil B. What year is it?!

I’m very excited for how fun this EP will turn out. Soulja Boy and Lil B have both reached God-tier meme status, and Trippy Turtle has always seemed like a tongue-in-cheek project, so the fact that they’re all coming together on this Trippy EP makes me smile. Fellow Fofofadi Records signee Disco Duck will also be making appearance on Trippy. There isn’t any release date yet, but we do have some cute cover art for you to share. Stay tuned for the drop of Trippy’s debut EP!